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An Open Access and Double-blind Peer reviewed journal

Journal of Business
and Management
Studies (MIJBMS)

Maayan International Journal of Business and Management Studies (MIJBMS) is an Open Access and Double-blind peer-reviewed journal that aims to publish a scholarly, research-based articles on all aspects of Business & Management.

It publishes high quality original, empirical, theoretical, conceptual and methodological research in business and  management areas. It is being established as a brand-new, forward-looking journal in the field of business and  management.

Business and Management is an ever-evolving field of research with the dynamics in the socio-economic, political and technological advancements. 

MIJBMS aims to uphold the rights of authors, address their needs, and foster a rapid, convenient, unbiased, and comprehensive publishing environment, which not only guarantees the highest quality constructive peer-review process but also provides an evaluation system that involves the entire research community. To fulfill this mission, MIJBMS applies the most advanced latest web technologies to bring scholarly publishing into a new generation.

Founded in 2023, the Maayan International Journal of Business and Management Studies (MIJBMS) is an open access and double-blind peer-reviewed journal published by Maayan Publications.

The journal is led by Editor-in-Chief Dr. G. Parimalarani supported by expert international editorial board members who take an objective approach to peer review, ensuring each research paper is reviewed and evaluated on its own scholarly merits and research integrity.

Researchers, scholars, professors, consultants, investors, specialists, directors, managers, and advanced doctoral students are invited to submit manuscripts that inform practice in multi-disciplinary and interdisciplinary streams of Business and Management.

To provide an international open access platform to Researchers, scholars, professors, scientists, innovators, specialists, managers, directors, academicians, professionals, practitioners and students for publishing their academic research and development writing for the all areas of business and management.

Academic success depends on research and publications.

Publishing your work in the Maayan International Journal of Business and Management Studies (MIJBMS) means you will receive prompt and reliable publishing and a global platform for your research to reach its full potential. The journal is published in online versions.

Maayan International Journal of Business and Management Studies (MIJBMS) is an International Journal published quarterly in September, December, March, June by Maayan Publications. Authors are encouraged to submit complete unpublished and original works, which are not under review in any other journals.

With contributions from around the globe, the journal includes articles across the full range of business and management disciplines.

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Being on the editorial board or a reviewer of a journal is truly productive, pleasant and in fact prestigious which helps in add-on to the academic research world through the ways and guidelines given by experts in the relevant fields. Though it is time consuming and often goes unobserved, there are some important rewards that make the editorial board members/reviewers worthwhile.